Best Online Bachelor’s Programs In Psychology for 2021

Affordable undergraduate education in psychology

The most affordable brand of psychology:
Are you thinking of a psychological career?

It can be a good step to integrate your future business. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the field of psychology is expected to grow by about 3% from 2019 to 2029, with an average salary for psychologists of about $ 80,370 per year in 2019, or $ 38.64 per hour.

Despite the general perception that colleges in the social sciences and humanities may suffer from a lack of career opportunities at the beginner level, the decision to take a degree in psychology is a degree to help you find a job. You do not have to go to.

In fact, the vast majority of psychology students do not work as qualified psychologists. The knowledge and skills acquired during undergraduate education, the ability to complete research, process data, and understand human behavior provide usefulness in a variety of areas, from work to social work and related healthcare disciplines.

The schools listed below offer some of the country’s most affordable psychology degrees online for starting school for the first time, going on to an associate’s degree, or completing an unfinished bachelor’s degree. Have the flexibility you need. Many offer customizable degree plans to promote your personal and professional goals, whether you are studying in graduate school or immediate employment after graduation.

2021 Most Affordable Online Psychology Degree Programs

1University of FloridaGainesville, FL
2Florida International UniversityMiami, FL
3Thomas Edison State UniversityTrenton, NJ
4University of Illinois at SpringfieldSpringfield , IL
5Trine OnlineFort Wayne , IN
6University of Louisiana at MonroeMonroe, LA
7Rutgers UniversityCamden, NJ
8The Baptist College of FloridaGainesville, FL
9University of Central FloridaOrlando , FL
10Eastern Washington UniversityCheney , WA

Online undergraduate psychology overview

If you start an online psychology program without college experience, full-time registration can take up to four years to complete. There are options for accelerated or dual degree programs that can increase the time required to complete the program, but most programs require at least 120 credits for the degree.

An online psychology degree prepares you to get a job at graduation or to get a master’s degree in your field and continue studying. There is no right or wrong answer about your path through your education, but a typical path for graduates in this field can lead to a master’s or doctoral degree in a lucrative profession in psychology.

Psychology common basic program

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you must complete a variety of courses, including compulsory courses in special areas and general education courses such as mathematics and English.

In general, this curriculum in this area requires psychology courses such as child and adult development, industrial-organizational psychology, and other courses in behavioral science.

You may need to fill in electives, but electives and degree requirements vary from school to school.

What will the lesson look like if you follow this title? Let’s take a look at some typical psychology courses in this degree:

Abnormal psychology

Most programs require the study of abnormal psychology with a focus on biological, environmental, and psychosocial factors associated with psychopathology and behavioral adaptation. The course deals with a wide range of psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse, anxiety, dissociative disorders, mood disorders and personality disorders.

Psychological evaluation

Psychological evaluation courses teach you how to evaluate your client’s personality, cognitive abilities, interests and values. The subject of this course may include management, development, reliability, scoring methods and verification and interpretation of test results.

Social Psychology

Social psychology courses help you discover how social context affects people’s behaviors, thoughts and feelings. In these courses, you will learn how social effects shape group behavior, or how the social environment contributes to aggression and attractiveness issues. These types of courses also cover topics such as gender norms and other social structures related to psychology.

Admission requirements or prerequisites for a basic course in online psychology

Admission requirements and conditions vary from program to program. In general, you must meet the eligibility requirements for the university you are considering. It’s at least a high school or GED. You may also need to submit standardized test results for admission, such as SAT and ACT results. Other application requirements are different.

You may need to apply for admission to the school’s psychology program after you have been admitted to the school you are applying for. Some majors require certain applications to be accepted into the program.

Career path for psychology students

There are several different career paths that you can take with a degree in psychology. Some require a master’s degree, while others only offer a convenient way to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology and get a job.

The possible career paths are:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Professor of Psychology *
  • Psychology teacher, bachelor’s degree
  • Child psychologist
  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Drug and alcohol counselor
  • Behavioral Analyst *
  • Clinical psychologist *
  • guard
  • Industrial psychologist
  • Mental health counselor
  • Software evaluation consultant
  • Social action researchers

* These career paths and any other paths in this list require you to attend a graduate school and/or vocational school and obtain a license.

common questions

How Much Does an Online Psychology Degree Cost?

Like everything else, the cost of your online psychology degree depends on many factors. The online undergraduate degree averages between $ 38,496 and $ 60,593, according to US data. News. The amount you pay is calculated based on the amount you receive, the training program you choose, the scholarship or financial support you qualify for and many other factors.

How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree in online psychology?

The time required to get an online psychology degree depends on the number of higher education credits you have, the number of courses you take each semester, and the requirements for the program you choose. It takes an average of about four years to complete an online psychologist training program. Speed ​​up your program and you’ll be done in no time.

How can I choose the best psychologist program online?

The first thing you should do when deciding on an education program is to define what your main goals and priorities are. If cost is the main issue, it will help you decide which program is best for you. If you want to speed up your schedule, you know what factors you need to use to determine the best course of action to meet your needs.

After giving an overview of your priorities, check your program’s reputation, licenses and other important metrics to make sure your program is in line with your goals.

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