Pikachu App Download v72 Free For Android [Live TV & Movies]

Here we are going to share one of the best live TV streaming apps that also allows you to watch movies. In fact, I am talking about Pikachu Apk. You can also download it using the link below.

I’m sure you may have used the app before. But this is a new update of the application and most of its functions are not available in the previous versions of the application.

If you haven’t downloaded the new update for the Pikachu Live TV app, you can download it from this page. It is free and safe to use on your Android mobile phone.

What is Pikachu Apk?

Pikachu Apk is a mini mobile TV app that also offers hundreds of movies. It’s not just about sharing channels where you can only watch movies, but you can also have a non-stop movie list. Daily updates the list of series, episodes, channels, and all other programs in the application.

You may have seen so many editions of this app. Although it is the same it has multiple updates on the internet, however, everything works. But you won’t get the updated features that were recently added to the app. You can find new movies, series, and other hot content.

Once you start the app, you will see all the top trending and top-rated content. Also share all the details and IMDB rating. That will help you decide if you should download that video or skip it. It is really useful to select quality content to enjoy it.

There are various categories and genres that you can find in each group, such as movies, channels, series, etc. There are hundreds more items in each group and genre. The best thing about the app is that you will get it for free and there are no premium features at all.

If you are interested and want to have a better companion for your free time, you must install this application. I’m going to put an alternative link right at the bottom of this page. You will be able to use that one in case the first link doesn’t work for you.

Main features

There are so many cool things here that you will have in Pikachu Apk. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the app. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about it as I have shared the list of the most important features of the app below.

  • It is a mini Android Tv application that you can also use to watch movies.
  • There are thousands of items to see at your leisure.
  • You can have multiple categories and genres.
  • There you can find series, episodes and other types of shows for free.
  • It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • All your programs can be viewed directly in the application.
  • You can get daily updates and new content added.
  • And many more.

How to download and install Pikachu Apk on Android mobile phones?

The main purpose of this review is to share and allow you to download the application. So you can install it on your device and watch your favorite shows.

So for that, you will get a direct download link at the bottom of this page. You just need to click on that link and grab the package file. Once you do, the download process will start in a few seconds.

Once the process is complete, you need to click on the file and install it on your phone. After that, you can directly play all the content and no registration is required.

Here you can have some other similar apps like Picasso Apk and Netflix SV4. These are some free applications that you can download and use on your phone.

Last words

Now you can download the latest version of Pikachu Apk for your Android mobile phones. Below is the link that you can directly install on your Android mobile phones to watch movies, shows, series, and much more.

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